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    Here's a sneak peek of ProAge's workplace solutions all over Singapore.

  • Why Choose ProAge?

    Let the results speak for themselves.

    250 clients

    It has been such an honour to build health cultures at local SMEs to major global MNCs and still counting.

    60,000 lives

    That's the number of people we've impacted over the course of our corporate history.

    We scored 8.8!

    Based on McKinsey's NetPromoter score, that's a whole load of fans we've been happy to embrace in 2015.

    We are a Social Enterprise

    Every dollar we earn aids our social mission that enables underprivileged and ill seniors to age well.

    Our Track Record

    For close to 8 years, we've been a consultant of health and wellness projects at the national level with government agencies and corporate organisations.

    Our Quality

    We house a full fledge medical fitness team that innovates and delivers our proprietary programmes ensuring for high quality and results. 

    Prestigious Recognition

    We won the Youth Social Enterprise Commendation Award from the President's Office in 2015 for outstanding contributions to the local community.


    We an accredited consultancy for workplace health by Health Promotion Board of Singapore.

  • Why Do Health Promotion?

    A well-planned health promotion programme contributes directly and indirectly to your company's bottom-line. Investing in the employees' health increases productivity and happiness!

    A scientific review showed that a healthy workplace resulted in savings of up to US$3.48 per employee for every dollar spent on health promotion programmes.

    Reduced Absenteesim

    Sakae Sushi Holdings Ltd

    • Average sick leave rate down by 400 days per year
    • Staff turnover rate decreased by 6% overall


    Improvement in Health Risks

    DHL Express (Singapore) Pte Ltd

    • Average sick leave ratio improved by 0.11
    • Number of staff with high cholesterol dropped by 3.3%


    Improvement in Health

    Singapore Discovery Centre

    • Number of staff with unhealthy BMI (range 23 to 27.5) dropped 20% in 4 years span
  • our Approach

    At ProAge we have ditched talks and boring programmes that put a drag on health promotion efforts. We bring you these tested and proven methods to ensure your employees get only the best.

    Health skills application

    We don't just promote we impart practical skills that matters on a daily basis.

    Hands-on team based engagement

    Nothing beats learning by doing. Enough said.

    Personalised learning experience

    Engagement that appeals to the mind and heart of every individual.

    Motivating new challenges for growth

    We inspire personal growth through health programmes.

    Team bonding experience

    Work together, play together. We harness team dynamics to drive health results.

  • what we offer

    Our packages are purposefully designed with the most sought after solutions to meet the greatest needs of every corporate organisation.


    Each campaign lasts for 3 to 4 months. They are scientifically designed to up employee engagement, participation rates and build your health culture.

  • exciting one-time events

    Looking to do team building that is oozing with health and wellness?  


    Whether you are planning for your next company outing, gathering or team building activity, we offer various one-time events that best suit your needs.

    Health Trails

    A physically motivating event

    What a great way to rev up team spirit while learning about physical activity, nutrition and mental wellness.

    An ideal activity at the park to let your team unwind and workout!

    High 5 Campaign

    A mental wellness campaign

    Want to encourage your team to bond while providing them with an opportunity to learn about mental wellness?
    Grasp the tips through interactive activities so that learning can be fun too!

    Discovering 4 Pillars of
    a Healthy Brain

    A mentally stimulating event

    Here is a brain workout for your team that will help keep your mind on track!

    While 'exercise' is good for your brain and body, so is the food you eat and your mental health.

    Food For Thought Campaign

    A healthy eating event

    Does your team love to bond over food?

    With so many options available, it is no wonder that you will be frustrated and confused when it comes to shopping for healthy food products.

    Interactive table displays with engaging themes to learn how to make educated food choices.

    The Fitness Challenge

    A physical fitness assessment event

    Any idea how fit you are? Knowing the specific fitness levels enable you to set realistic fitness goals, monitor your progress and maintain your motivation.

    Have your physical fitness checked and learn how to improve on different areas of fitness from our health coach!

    It is never too late to improve on your fitness!

  • all the Support you'll need for success

    Accompanying every programme is all round support for your peace of mind. We strive to make Management and any Human Resource team happy!


    We bring you interactive yet easy to understand tips after each workshop to empower you to embark on a healthier journey.
    Simple and practical tips to take the first step to a healthier you!

    Programme Feedback

    We listen on your behalf!

    With our latest e-feedback app, we gather effective data that matters to you. We do this at every programme.

  • We've a list of 150 solutions at our finger tips.

    Contact us to customise your next workplace health programme or health event. Hope to hear from you.

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