• We are not interested

    in programmes,

    we are interested

    in building cultures


    Enhancing engagement

    Improving energy

    Developing positivity

    Bettering relationships

    Cultivating cultures


    Get on board Singapore's new programme to integrate health and safety - empowering smarter, stronger & sharper employees for a more productive workforce.

    Selected partners will be on a one year supported scheme by the Workplace Safety and Health Council.
    ProAge is proud to be one of the selected few partners to pioneer the Total Workplace Safety and Health initiative.



    Feel Good, Do Good

    Your One Partner for Corporate Wellness and Social Responsibility

    We are not interested in activities, we are interested in building capabilities and relationships

    Reversing physical decline

    Preventing social isolation

    Improving mental health

    Building capabilities of organisations

    Advocating for better ageing

  • What we do best

    Ditch the talks and boring programmes that put a drag on health promotion efforts.

    What we've succeeded in - engaging, interacting and delighting employees - we're now bringing them online so that we can motivate your employees with the best wellness coaching anywhere, anytime.

    "I really enjoy the way the ProAge facilitators conducts their classes. It was most engaging and exceeded my expectations. I felt that my employees really bonded and this is much needed in a time of remote working where we tend to feel distanced from one another"

    ProAge Training Academy

    "This is about taking things to the next level in career coaching. When we combine physical fitness, brain health and talent profiling into an integrated curriculum, this becomes a very powerful equipping platform for mature workers whom are transitioning into the next phase of their life."

    "Choosing ProAge was an obvious decision because of their creative expertise in the area of health and wellness to adapt their programmes to our industry and erratic work schedules. Having the digital app to engage our people is also an ingenious solution because our employees are all around Singapore"

    While we've continuously innovated ourselves to stay ahead of the game, sitting back and watching the underserved struggle on their own is just not what we do in ProAge.


    Since we're launched a series of digital health workshops for our corporate clients, we decided to benefit those most in need as well by launching a series of free mental wellness solutions under the brand You're Precious by ProAge catered to frontline workers and caregivers of the vulnerable.

  • Riding the digital wave, successfully

    Read more on our strategies that really help companies motivate and engage their employees.

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