• Get on board Singapore's new programme to integrate health and safety - empowering smarter, stronger & sharper employees for a more productive workforce.

    Selected partners will be on a one year supported scheme by the Workplace Safety and Health Council.
    ProAge is proud to be one of the selected few partners to pioneer the Total Workplace Safety and Health initiative.



    Feel Good, Do Good

    Your One Partner for Corporate Wellness and Social Responsibility

    We are not interested

    in programmes,

    we are interested

    in building cultures


    Enhancing engagement

    Improving energy

    Developing positivity

    Bettering relationships

    Cultivating cultures


    We are not interested in activities, we are interested in building capabilities and relationships

    Reversing physical decline

    Preventing social isolation

    Improving mental health

    Building capabilities of organisations

    Advocating for better ageing

  • At ProAge, we have ditched talks and boring programmes that put a drag on health promotion efforts. Drawing from our decade of health consulting experiences, we push the boundaries of engagement to build a culture of wellness and positivity that brings real measurable transformation to our clients.

    Our packages are purposefully designed to meet the greatest needs of every corporate organisation.

    Whether it's a one day workshop or a full year programme, we know just the solution for you.

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