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Bridging the gap with 3 solutions to reach your unhealthiest, least engaged employees.

Gracia Sim, Sales and Marketing Executive

· Engagement,Diabetes,Mature workers,Going digital

No matter how many corporate wellness programmes they've conducted, the one repeated grievance of organising committees is this: our people are just not engaging. What can we do?

We’ve seen what's worked and what's failed and we know that organising a successful WHP that drives engagement goes beyond the basic task of picking a line-up of health talks or physical activity classes from a menu.

For a start, if you are not planning your budget and strategising activities for the year ahead, chances are your programme might not bear the fruits that you desire.

As a starting point to creating a great WHP, we’d refer you to this fantastic article in Harvard Business Review. But we also need to think ahead of the curve and ask: What are some emerging trends with technology and demographic changes that organising committees should scratch their heads about?

Here are three neat questions to consider:

1) Can we digitise our communications and administration of events to improve engagement?

Making event registration, communication and feedback collection a seamless and integrated process is an effective way of reaching employees, and simplifies things for HR teams too. Today, many HR teams are even looking into developing their own in-house system.

So, is it worth investing in a digitised system for your corporate wellness programme? Before you answer that, you need to have a good idea of how the employees in your company perceive digital engagement. Also consider how digital tools can be used to make sure their welfare needs are better met.

For instance, digital insights obtained through surveys or an analysis of employees' age and health profiles could guide the way you design and target your WHPs for them. Why not schedule educational workshops on chronic diseases right after a corporate health screening exercise, if the data shows that the number of at-risk employees has grown?

It's a simple way to send a signal to them that you have a finger on their needs. That also brings engagement to a deeper level. We’ll be sharing more on how to go deeper with digital solutions in our next quarter’s newsletter in January.

2) What should I do with more employees becoming overweight?

Obesity on the rise in your workplaces should not be a surprise as diabetes was highlighted as one of the key issues to tackle in Singapore in the recent National Day Rally. Observed decrease in productivity and energy levels due to obesity in the office have caused may companies to scramble to put together a series of health talks and exercise classes to tackle this issue.

But we'd like to suggest that the real solution to this issue would be to create a health culture (and not just programmes) with the social support that encourages eating well, exercising well, as well as thinking well so that taking care of one’s health becomes a lifestyle rather than another “to-do”. Having the right professionals and resources to support your employees is the best morale boost you could give to one who’s struggling with obesity.

3) Do you have health programmes to help your mature workforce?

If you’re part of a dynamic multigenerational workforce, you're likely to face tensions arising from different working styles and "generation gaps".

For older and mature workers especially, showing that you empathise with the mental stress that they suffer from a changing environment as well as the increase in health problems that comes with age - and providing the right support for them - can help them to flourish.

Empowering seniors to live out their full health potential is at the core of what we do and believe in – research and our experience have proven once and again that their health can certainly be improved with the right preventive exercises and approach. For this, we have written dedicated article here.

Transform your corporate wellness programmes from mere talks or activities to engage real needs and we bet you’ll be on your way to saying “hello” to happy people in your workplace.

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