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Learning to surf the digital wave to bring your employee engagement online?

Isaiah Chng, Founder and Director of ProAge

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A recent poll at a local MNC virtual town hall reflected negative sentiments with a majority stating they are “worried”, “scared” and “frustrated”. These point to a lack of security and certainty. When workers feel insecure and threatened it will negatively affect their performance and productivity - a major issue for HR.

The Qualtrics study, 2020 Employee Experience Trends: Singapore, found the average employee engagement score across Singapore is 47%. This lags behind the global average of 53%, with Thailand (72%) and Hong Kong (63%) returning the highest scores in the Asia Pacific region.

Adding on to that, we are in a situation where physical distancing has made engagement even harder. Many are being forced to pivot existing or new wellness programs to be completely online. Where once there were lunch-time workshops now they are going on Zoom.

It may seem disruptive but what if the current situation presents a fantastic opportunity? An opportunity to build trust and win the hearts of all stakeholders in the organisation and make employees happy?

In fact, the need for digital wellness programs had already existed. Back in early 2018, a client came knocking on our door with a record low engagement score and the greatest barrier they had was a workforce that was spread across the island. Due to the nature of their business, staff were situated in multiple sites across the country reducing the possibilities of engaging through the more traditional, physical platforms of engagement (i.e. gathering everybody physically to be present for a workshop). There was simply no way the HR team would spend money to run a physical on-site program for 2 to 3 staff per site. The solution was to go digital and they reaped the benefits with a successful campaign and digital engagement platform that allowed them to improve the well-being of their workforce.

Here is a short list of benefits that you can expect to get from digital engagement programs in comparison to traditional offline programs.

  1. Faster implementation from concept to launch date.
  2. Greater economy of scale resulting in lower cost per employee.
  3. Better tracking of participation and associated data.
  4. Added personalisation opportunities.
  5. Increase in the amount and quality of feedback leading to better understanding of employees’ needs.
  6. Better accessibility while doing away with physical limitations and potentially removing time constraints with on-demand services.
  7. Greater integration possibilities with other parties, including external parties.

If you would like to digitise your wellness or employee engagement program, check out our “Digital Wellness Program” checklist to get you started.

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