• You're Precious by ProAge

    You're Precious by ProAge is our initiative to see frontline workers and caregivers of vulnerable communities in Singapore get the care that they deserve from fighting hard to keep their clients or loved ones safe and healthy during this period. We will be availing for free a series of mental wellness digital workshops and resources by our health team to help them stay mentally resilient and positive during this COVID-19 period.

  • Why are we doing You're Precious by ProAge?

    Everyday we see frontline workers and caregivers of vulnerable communities in Singapore fight hard to keep their clients or loved ones safe and healthy during this period and often, they forget about themselves and are at highest risk of burnout.


    As a social enterprise and health consultancy, we feel compelled to give of our services, especially our mental wellbeing resources, to those most in need as join hands to battle against the COVID-19.


    We believe that as we stay united, be empathetic and we'll all emerge stronger through this together!


    How you can play a part

    If you're a social service or health organisation, you can play a part in empowering those in society whom need help most through two ways:

    1. Sharing about these workshops and/or resources through your communication platforms (i.e. social media, email, text, etc)
    2. Availing your mental wellness resources or tools for us to share online with those in need (e.g. counseling hotlines, mental health toolkit, virtual listening circles, etc)

    Through doing this, we not only look after those working hard to keep our society thriving, but we also reach the vulnerable communities through those whom are caring for them most.


    Hope to partner you to enable You're Precious by ProAge to reach those most in need. Simply drop us an email and we'll connect with you to share how you can partner us to give back in a much needed way during this crucial COVID-19 period.

    How can I register for it?

    Look out for our sign up page which is coming up and our Facebook platform to share about the latest information on our mental wellness resource.

  • Bridging the gap with partner charities

    As a health consulting social enterprise, ProAge is uniquely positioned to connect corporates who want to do good with their resources and people to embark on a meaningful CSR journey. We serve as a convener and capability builder that trains volunteers and NPOs with the necessary health and social skills to drive the health outcomes that corporates, volunteers and beneficiaries all want to see.

    Empowering Positive Ageing

    For many seniors, being able to live well begins with retaining independence and mobility so that they can do what they want to do. Hence, enabling them to live out their fullest health potential is our starting point. It is because of our commitment to see this need met, that our efforts were recently recognised by the Healthcare Supplier Award committee.

    Equipping Volunteers

    At ProAge, we believe in changing how people age through challenging stereotypes of ageing. Hence, we partner with the corporate sector to equip volunteers and social service organisations to create more avenues for strength intervention exercises for seniors who need it most.


    Collaborative Learning

    This programme partners participants with seniors in a fun and meaningful way where both will benefit from the health workshop yet facilitate interactions that bring joy to both parties. This spreads the importance of healthy ageing through a shared learning process.

    Community Adoption

    Corporate organisations can adopt a community and make a sustainable change. In doing so, they can create lasting social impact by investing into equipment, volunteering with their skill set (e.g. marketing, public relations, etc.) and sponsoring existing programmes to transform the organisation's environment.


    Community Outreach

    Through equipping corporate volunteers with basic health and social skills, participants are empowered to lead exercises classes themselves or innovate the mental health activities in a way that is unique to them.

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