• The struggle to

    engage your digital workforce

    ends here.


    Get on board Singapore's new programme to integrate health and safety - empowering smarter, stronger & sharper employees for a more productive workforce.

    Selected partners will be on a one year supported scheme by the Workplace Safety and Health Council.
    ProAge is proud to be one of the selected few partners to pioneer the Total Workplace Safety and Health initiative.

  • Instead of a mere schedule of activities that yield little participation, we aim to create a positive culture and motivate lifestyle changes with the right strategies.

    Our unique services:

    Strategic consulting to align to business plans

    Multi-disciplinary innovation team to customize programmes

    Personalised health services and resource for employees via our app platform


    As the anchor health consultant for some of the biggest brands in the hospitality, legal, technology and finance industry, we pride ourselves in our strategic, engaging and integrated approach.


    A proud partner of the Workplace Safety & Health Council Singapore, ProAge is one of only four chosen partners in Singapore to manage safety, health and wellbeing holistically under the Total Workplace Safety & Health project.

  • Rather than adding to the work of our partners, we desire to enable their capabilities with the right resources.

    Our capabilities & platforms:

    A multi-disciplinary in-house healthcare team

    End-to-end service with a dedicated project manager for each client

    Network of health partners to partner for rewards system

    One-stop mobile app for employee registration and health resources


    In this digital age, we're glad that companies will be able to leverage our one-stop mobile application to easily register employees, track participation whilst empower employees to get personalised health resources and information to their company's programmes at the touch of their fingers.


    To help uncover the potential of a growing middle aged demographic, we help companies equip their mid-career employees to live out their fullest health and talent potential with the PRIME programme.


    While we've continuously innovated ourselves to stay ahead of the game, sitting back and watching the underserved struggle on their own is just not what we do in ProAge.


    Since the Circuit Breaker, we since launched a series of free mental wellness solutions catering to frontline workers and caregivers of the vulnerable. We've also been in an ongoing partnership with charity, Empower Ageing, and partner companies to give back meaningfully.

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