• Client Case Studies

    We believe that trust is built, but established through a reliable and consistent journey with our clients. Here are some of the case studies of what  have done thus far.

    Our corporate wellness strategy for a leading insurance firm

    Great Eastern wanted to create a corporate wellness strategy that would not only observe real changes in health but augment its “Live Great” branding.



    A stimulating mental wellness event with an established educational institution

    ProAge was invited to collaborate with Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and National Institute of Education (NIE) to promote mental wellness among their staff for the first time.

    Collaboration with the nation's Health Statutory Board

    Faced with a rapidly ageing population, ProAge led this national project led by Senior Minister of State, Heng Chee How, who sought to build capability and capacity in the community to promote physical activity for seniors.

    Equipping a maturing workforce with one of the world's largest
    port operators

    PSA engaged a maturing workforce with the successful implementation of evidence-based health and well-being courses.

  • Our Impact

    250 Clients

    It has been such an honour to build health cultures at local SMEs to major global MNCs and still counting.

    60,000 Lives

    That's the number of people we've impacted over the course of our corporate history.

    We scored 8.8!

    Based on McKinsey's NetPromoter score, that's a whole load of fans we've been happy to embrace!

    Prestigious Recognition

    We won the Youth Social Enterprise Commendation Award from the President's Office in 2015 for outstanding contributions to the local community.

    Media Featured

    We have been interviewed by Straits Times, Channel News Asia, TODAY, Channel 8 News, Shin Min Daily News, LianHe Wan/Zao Bao and My Paper.


    We are an accredited consultancy for workplace health by Health Promotion Board of Singapore. We also won the Healthcare Supplier Award (Merit) for Productivity.

  • Past Partnerships

  • Client Testimonials

    Feedback is valuable to us.
    Here are some comments that our participants have given to us that contributed to the high ratings among our clients.

    "The 3 recipes for improving brain function are a good way of remembering and the exercises were very good for reinforcing these concepts in a way that is relatable to every day life."

    - Participant from Dimension Data

    "The facilitator is very well prepared & able to answer a wide variety of questions with helpful tips thrown in. Really appreciate it."

    - Participant from Great Eastern Life

    "The programme is practical and engaging, suitable for all ages. The trainer is good."

    - Participant from Sheng Hong Welfare Services

    "I feel that the information and exercises taught will benefit everyone in my company
    and friends."

    - Participant from Nanyang Technological University (NIE)

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