Body Toning

$115 after grant (U.P. $250)
Body Toning is a workout designed to sculpt and tone your body. It concentrates on all major muscle groups using body movement and exercise bands to provide varying resistance. Besides building towards a lean and attractive body, body toning also contributes to overall health benefiting the heart, joints and skeletal system.
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Ideal class size: 30 pax

Workshop platform: Online (Zoom or Webex) or Physical (observing social distancing rules)

Duration: 1 hour

Min pax: NA 

Funding per pax: 

  • if 15 pax is hit, max funding of $135 is given
  • if less than 15 pax attends, funding is given on a per pax basis of $9/pax

Min no of sessions: 4 sessions to get funded


Benefits to employees

Participants will gain more physical activity to improve their blood circulation and reduce aches and pains from inactivity.

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