Punch your way to fitness

$165 after grant (U.P. $300)
Punch your way to fitness uses kicking and punching drills and sets them to music to create a fast-paced, high-intensity and fun atmosphere to scorch calories, build stamina, improve coordination and flexibility and build faster reflex. Participants will learn general cardio workout techniques. Kicks and punches are incorporated to integrate both the upper and lower body in a total workout.
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Ideal class size: 30 pax

Workshop platform: Online (Zoom or Webex) or Physical (observing social distancing rules)

Duration: 1 hour

Min pax: NA 

Funding per pax: 

  • if 15 pax is hit, max funding of $135 is given
  • if less than 15 pax attends, funding is given on a per pax basis of $9/pax

Min no of sessions: 4 sessions to get funded


Benefits to employees

Participants will gain more physical activity to improve their blood circulation and reduce aches and pains from inactivity.

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