• Empowering greater wellness through theTotal WSH programme

    Find out more about this integrated programme supported by the WSH Council for companies whom truly want to see their employees benefit from an integrated safety and health initiative.

    Detail and funding on the Total WSH programme

    Total WSH is a one year assistance scheme to help companies who are seeking a more holistic and integrated approach to manage the interactions between work, safety and health, so as to promote the well-being of workers and employers.

    Types of safety & health packages under the Total WSH programme

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    Working with the ProAge team, a dedicated and professional team with a heart

    You may not have heard of us before, but let our success stories and testimonials do the talking.

  • "A healthy worker is a fitter and more alert worker, and that will help reduce the risk of workplace injuries, as well as create a more productive and effective workforce" -Senior Minister of State for Health, Amy Khor

    What is the Total WSH approach?

    The Total WSH approach is an improved and integrated way of caring for employees health. Instead of simply ensuring compliance with a set of rules and regulations, companies are encouraged to take on a more proactive and holistic approach to caring for their workers’ personal health, such as chronic health issues, recognising that it helps:

    • Reduce the risk of workplace injuries and ill-health
    • Improve health and staff well-being
    • Lower absenteeism rate and healthcare costs
    • Improve business performance from more productive staff
  • Funding and support

    Funding and qualification

    Since 2022, companies across any industry will be able to access the Total WSH funding. As long as the company can commit to meet the min pax of the programme, full funding from Assessment, to Intervention to Monitoring and Evaluation stages will be completely funded for.

    Benefit from the Total WSH starter pack that includes the A-I-ME process:

    1. Assessment (a consultancy to identify the health and safety gaps in your workplace through)
    2. Intervention (running of the recommended programmes)
    3. Monitory and Evaluation (measured health outcomes for your internal reporting or evaluation)
  • Choose from 7 types of packages according to your unique employee profile and needs.

  • A qualified team

    ProAge is proud to be the re-appointed provider for the Total WSH programme having had proved itself as a capable safety and health consultant in the earlier run of Total WSH.


    With each consultant having at least a decade of experience in their field and thousands of combined clients under our belt, you can trust us to do the job. This is a joint partnership that truly understands what it means to integrate safety, health screening and health coaching into a single formidable platform.


    Lead health consultant (anchor Total WSH project manager)

    Supporting health screener

  • Our impact and testimonials

    Our success rates

    Clients we have served

    • At least 20 Total WSH clients
    • More than 250 health and safety clients in partnership with other associations, public agencies as well as corporate initiatives


    Health coaching impact

    • 59.3% of participants exceed their original health goals
    • 93.9 % of employees reducing 1 cardiac risk factor and more than half going beyond of participants 
    • 86.4 % sustain their weight loss at week 24 with minimal support

    Client testimonials

    "I’d like to affirm the highly collaborative efforts from the entire ProAge team to launch our company’s first well-being launch event and facilitate the employee onboarding experience for their well-being app, Flourish. This result of this was an unexpectedly great and encouraging response from our employees!

    We were very assured throughout the experience as the ProAge team was very proactive in their communications and went the extra mile to do a couple of dry-runs to ensure clarity on everyone's part.


    More than that, I think it’s also because of something intangible: the heart to do something. I always believe if you do something with the right intentions and purpose, people will know it."


    - Luke Montana, HR Business Partner/
    Becton Dickinson Medical (S) Pte Ltd.

    Participant testimonials

    "I used to have chronic pains and high blood pressure. which really affected my work and family. But now I have the strength and energy to live out my best in all the areas of my life."

    - Philip Phor, participant of the ProAge programme
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