• Get MORE with LESS if you tap onto

    the new SME Health+ grant with us

    A HPB approved consultant for the SME Health+ grant - we're ready to advise on the best programmes

    to give you the best engagement, regardless your size. Our workshops are designed to be highly interactive and engaging

    so that your employees will walk away happier and healthier.

    Get consulted

    Don't know what to get? Let us advice you on the right programmes or our branded packages based on your company profile.

    Get funded

    Fund your programmes if you are a Singapore based and registered business with less than 200 staff or less than $100million of turnover!

    Get supported

    More than programmes, we support you with the resources like feedback forms, take-home handouts and wellness products that make your employees feel well taken care off!

  • Our approved solutions


    • Eat Right - Know What's Right
    • Healthy Food Preparation
    • Lifelong Nutrition for Good Health
    • Food Detectives
    • Know More, Weigh Less
    • Changin' Your Weigh
    • Blood Pressure & Lowering It 
    • Stress Busting Food 
    • Overcoming Temptations 101 
    • Energy Zappers & Energy Boosters 
    • Stress Away in a Fun Way: Beating Emotional Eating
    • Roll away cholesterol (new in!)
    • Sugar, that's enough (new in!)
    • Know your risks (new in!)

    Mental Wellness

    • Stress Away in a Fun Way: Relaxation
    • Stress Away in a Fun Way: Personality Conflicts
    • The Road to Resilience: Art
    • Supercharge Your Success: Emotional Intelligence
    • The Power of Music
    • Motivation for Greater Activation
    • Beating Burnout: Building for Success
    • Beating Burnout: Destress to Rejuvenate

    Physical Health

    • Conductorcise
    • ImproVee Fitness
    • Body Toning
    • Aerobic kickboxing
    • Zumba Fitness
    • Zumba Strong
    • Pound
    • Kpopx Fitness
    • Circuit Training
    • Wellsteps™: Brisk Walking to Health
    • Wellsteps™: Running to Health
    • Posture Perfect™: Pain Management (Managing Pain with the Right Exercises)
    • Get Your Exercise Basics Right
  • Our branded solutions


    Want to keep fit and embark on a healthy lifestyle together?

    Learn the important basics of healthy living and experience a positive company culture change through this fun carnival like event!


    Lookingfor something outdoor/active and energy boosting?

    Experience the learning trail with a holistic mix of solutions to engage participants in an exciting fast paced event requiring teams to work together to overcome obstacles


    Have more senior employees and want to cater to health issues faced at this stage of life?

    We have the right strength training to relieve common body pain/aches, lifelong nutrition and psychological resilienceprogrammesthatrevitalisetheir bodies and improve productivity


    Experiencing stress at work/home and wants to effectively cope with stress?

    We put together the right exercise, combined with nutritional tips and stress relieving techniques to help reduce stress levels.

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