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    Whether you want a health workshop or a fun company outing,
    we can customise something that suits to your needs.

    NEW IN-

    ProNeurobics: Brain Enhancement

    (1hr or half day clinic option)

    While biological factors are harder to control, there are many other powerful lifestyle changes that one can adopt to reverse cognitive decline. In this workshop, participants will explore the below 6 powerful pillars of brain health that can help sustain good cognitive function, even into old age. Check out this new workshop which aims to improve positivity, vibrancy and energy in the workforce!

    Health Trails

    Similar to The Amazing Race, this outdoor event combines physical activity, nutrition and mental wellness in a fun manner that revs up the team spirit.

    High Five Campaign

    Bond the team while learning about mental wellness? This campaign teaches practical handles through a carnival-like event where employees move from booth to booth.

    Discovering 4 Pillars
    of a Healthy Brain

    Here is a brain workout for your team that will help keep your mind on track. While 'exercise' is good for your brain and body, so is the food you eat and your mental health.

    Food For Thought

    With so many food options near the workplace, empower your employees to make healthy choices through our nutritionist sharing over an interactive table display.

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