• Planning for a better 2021?

    4 simple tips from our CEO & Principal Health Consultant, Isaiah Chng, on how to design a successful corporate wellness programme in today's covid-19 world.

    Article adapted from his original blog post; check it out for elaborated case studies or practical resources on how to plan for your 2021 employee engagement strategy.

    1. Keep it easy, simple

    Today's Zoom and email fatigue puts people off from processing more information, however good it may be. Ensure there's as little friction as possible in the employee engagement experience and on-boarding.

    2. Show that you care

    Who is not moved by some care and concern? Being relevant and authentic pushes engagement off the charts. Design your programmes and marketing to be relevant and relatable to what people are feeling.

    3. Reach is all that matters

    Choose the right platforms and messaging to reach different segment of employees. If there are programmes suited for specific groups, consider a targeted, personalised approach over a corporate wide email?

    4. Call to action

    Oftentimes, we share ideas and testimonies of different initiatives but stop short of recruitment. Leverage these touch points and incorporate a “call to action” to your messages and start seeing engagement go up.

  • Doing things differently.

    Starting from the heart.

    All too often companies come up to us to request for a listing of programmes just so they can plan for the year ahead and we've had to politely decline that.


    This is because employee engagement is not just about a programme lineup but thoughtful, caring initiatives designed to truly help employees' wellbeing.

  • Sparking joy,

    the ProAge way


    We've inspired thousands to embark on the journey of healthy living because we understand that the change in health first begins with a change in heart and mind.


    We engage your employees with interactive and evidence based workshops and tools that empower them to live out the healthy lifestyles they aspire to have.


    Some health issues require more in-depth, personal coaching and our team of trusted, professional health coaches are able to journey with your employees to get the breakthrough they want.




    HRs championing for wellness take on the huge task of ensuring the wellbeing of the entire organisation. Tap onto our strategic health capabilities and networks to help you plan your desired wellbeing plans.

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